Volunteer & Support

The Clayco Foundation is dedicated to providing educaiton and support for patients, researchers and doctors. You can join us in our efforts through any or all of the following opportunities.



Make a tax-deductible contribution. We are a 501 (c)(3) organization.

Become an Ambassador

Ambassadors are critical to our success. They help spread the word about the RVCL and advance our mission.

Spread the Word

Looking for a ways to share content with your social network?  You can connect with us on LinkedIn and Facebook and cross-promote RVCL content with your network.

Support Our Events

Every October, The Clayco Foundation hosts annual Illumination fundraising event in Chicago. Illumination is an exceptional Halloween event centered around the celebration, community, and fundraising set in a landscape of illuminated interactive installations, delightful playgrounds of light, illuminated participatory contraptions, lit characters, fiery parades, glowing processions and radiant spectacle.

Volunteer opportunities are limited, but please contact us to learn more.

Corporate Match

Get the The Clayco Foundation recognized on your corporate matching grants program. Then, make the option known to your business colleagues.