Netosis – Is it a cause of RVCL?

Netosis is the act of neutrophils “shooting out” their DNA and histones as a ‘web-like’ structure, usually to catch bacteria. These Neutrophil Extracellular Traps, or NETS, are quite bactericidal and inflammatory, and improperly controlled Netosis has been linked to various disorders such as Cystic Fibrosis and COVID. A reasonable hypothesis would stipulate that erroneous NET formation may be involved in initiating or exacerbating RVCL.

Experiments have now demonstrated that neutrophils from RVCL patients are less prone to Netosis (via spontaneous measure or by stimulation), and follow-up studies concluded that Netosis is not related to the pathology or severity of RVCL. While this conclusion is subject to change pending further research and scientific advancement, it looks to rest here as of today.

While this would seem to be “negative” data that does not inform us of a particular way to treat or combat RVCL, it is just as critical. Many rocks need to be looked under when studying such a complex disorder, and any and every mechanism eliminated as a potential culprit only makes it easier to narrow in on more valuable pathways. We are proud to continue supporting such research and welcome all results as they help us define a focused picture.